Awkward Moments Serie II: A collaborative life tutorial performance.

Barcelona, on June 2017.

Together with Carlota Guerrero, Mimi Xu and Anna Senno.

Awkward Moments Series ll is a collaborative life tutorial performance experience. Director and photographer Carlota Guererro teams up with set designer and art director Marta Armengol along with creative producer Anna Senno and composer Mimi Xu to create a "Collaborative Life Tutorial Performance". Capable of moving physical and emotional boundaries, the foursome combines video, installation, live performance and uses audience participation to blur the line between performers and none performers. This series aims to observe the immediacy of acting and reacting, to create human connection via touch and movements, triggered and accompanied by a cinematic score, which structures the performance into six chapters - Birth, Experience, Love, Decay, Death and Rebirth. A work in progress, Awkward Moments Series ll showcased in Copenhagen last June at Øksnehallen.  

Photos by Carlota Guerrero