Marta Armengol is an architect formed in ETSAB (Barcelona).

In her work, through various disciplines such architecture, design, installations and sculpture, she plays with experimentation, and works in research and conceptualization of spaces and objects, using errors and material possibilities rather than searching for definitive solutions.

She works with the materials out of which we construct our surroundings, and opens up new spaces within a world we thought we had defined.

She believes that it is by mixing the boundaries between architecture, design, and scenography; between installations and sculpture or between the practice and research of architecture itself; that new ideas and innovation flourishes.

She has exhibited her work at Palais de Tokyo in 2015, Dutch Design Festival in 2018 and Matadero de Madrid in 2019. She is also co–founder of the Cierto Estudio, and member between 2015 and 2017. During this period of her life the studio had different recognitions: Special Mention at Solvia Innova Prize 2014, Shortlisted at Solvia Innova Prize 2015,  was awarded with two Premis Ajac X 2016 in Unbuilt Work + Furniture and more recently, in 2017, with the First Prize for the Masterplan and construction of a social housing building in Plaça de les Glòries, Barcelona.


2022 - Can Camper Valencia


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Molto Molto Projects & Tellurico 

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2015, Sep/Oct - COAC, Barcelona. “La casa que queremos”.  1/50 Model of  “El ciclo habitacional” and “El hogar reversible” for the ‘Pujades 279’ competition organized by Solvia Innova (a project with Cierto Estudio)

2014, December - COAM, Madrid. “Bienvenido a casa”. 1/50 Model of El ciclo habitacional (a project with Cierto Estudio)


2019, July - Construint Tangències. Insòlit Festival, 2019. Palma de Mallorca

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2017, May - First Prize for the Masterplan and construction of a social housing building in Plaça de les Glòries, Barcelona, with the proposal “La Comunitat Habitacional” (a project with Cierto Estudio)

2016, October - Premio AJAC X, best unbuilt building “El hogar reversible”(a project with Cierto Estudio)

2016, Octubre - Premio AJAC X, best product design “Enhebrar”(a project with Cierto Estudio)

2014, November - Special Mention for “Bienvenido a casa. Premio Solvia a la innovación en el diseño de la vivienda wih the proposal “El ciclo habitacional”(a project with Cierto Estudio)