Paloma Wool objects.

December 2015

Beechwood for all bars
MDF wood varnished for the perforated board
Glued pieces of MDF wood varnished for the board supports
Round table of 100cm diameter DMF wood with blue Formica

Photos by Paloma Lanna & Carlota Guerrero

Paloma Wool is a project by Paloma Lanna, created in 2014 regarding photography, fashion and further experiments. The project involves a variety of artists regarding the different aspects of the brand.Paloma Wool focuses on the exclusive online sale but is also regularly involved in different Pop-ups that require a physical support for exposing the product.

Since there is no such thing as a permanent exhibition space for the brand, Paloma needs furniture capable of being assembled and disassembled easily so that it can be moved from one place to the other. Different positions and morphologies are also required depending on the space to be occupied.

The regular piece, composed by two legs and a vertical bar, is repeated three times (it could be repeated as many times wanted depending on the needs) in order to show different com- binations of furniture that are perfectly adapted to the exhibition spaces depending on the surface available. These elements can work individually, in pairs or creating a corner piece of furniture of exhibition.
On the other hand, we designed a table to make small meetings with the costumers or just exhibit other kind of products: vases, displays, catalogues, business cards, etc. This table, which follows the same stick-hole system as the rest of the pieces, is also detachable. It consists of a table top of water-repellent DM with a blue formica finish (which is the corpo- rative color of the brand) and four legs that are also made of beech-wood. The elements are assembled so that the legs perforate the table top and are affixed to each other by a bottom cross piece formed by four bars that stabilize the hole ensemble.

A further last furniture piece was designed for the set: a perforated panel of water-repellent varnished DM, that provides an ochre color to the piece, and is supported by a sculptural foot made of the same material. This piece, just like the other ones, has different functions and positions. It can play as a substitute of one of the tripod-stick-legs previously mentioned, giving the set a different character. Also it can be used individually for highlighting a unique piece of clothing amongst the other ones. Or, combined with a second sculptural foot, it can be placed horizontally, as a bench or a shelf.