Pirámide Wool.

Built in Llagostera, on July 20th, 2017.

An installation for Paloma Wool.

The pyramid symbolizes the strength of teamwork. How we can achieve anything we are set out to do through unity.
According to history, the Egyptians helped themselves with wooden structures to build the Pyramids. They would form a series of wooden steps to lift the blocks of stone. I designed a structure giving an abstract reading to the theory: from the block of stone, arises a cube, and from there, a line structure. We represented this part of history with a wooden structure using the basic concept and elements applied to create the great Pyramids. 

Thank you to Paloma Lanna, María Gaminde, Mau Morgó, Mateo Palazzi, Laura Sebastianes, Zoe Pingel, Carlota Guerrero, Elisa Sanfeliu, Claire Romain, Max Milá & Sociedad 0.

Photos by Mau Morgó.