The Plastic Kingdom.

Built in Barcelona, on May, 2018.

An installation for Moviestar Loom Festival 2018.

A project in collaboration with Vincenzo Angileri, Olga de la Iglesia and Stephania Yepes. 

This a story of new-born countries, of crisis, and pollution. A story of oceanic flows. Of migratory flows. A story of aberration. The Plastic Kingdom of the ocean is a new nation-state founded by people who fled our civilization and settled on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. 
  Refused by society, a group of people of diverse races decides to sail and conquer the world’s largest landmass. Which contrary to this definition, is not made by land. Referred to as the seventh continent, the island is mainly formed of plastic. It is believed to be twice the size of Texas.

In this dystopian world, they  created their own country:   with their flag, their laws,   their tradition, clothing, ideas, struggles, policies, feelings.

The installation will recreate the island of plastic garbage  and the throne of the Queen of the floating sovereign state.

Text by Vincezo Angileri

Thank you to Valerie Steenhaut, Natalia Ramas, David Peñuela, Celine Hasenstab, Bernat Mestres, Cristina Roman, Pablo Marfa and anyone who get involved and helped us.